Companies love to tout all the great things about their company – and we do too! However, what’s really important is what matters to you. After all, it’s your career. So, you may ask, “what’s in it for me?”

It’s fair question. Here’s what you can expect if you join the Walker team.

Purpose-driven Culture icon

You can expect to be part of a purpose-driven organization.

We believe everyone deserves an amazing experience. We consider improving experiences to be a noble purpose, one that motivates our day-to-day activities.

Work Life Balance icon

You can expect solid work/life balance.

Our environment can be hectic and fast-paced. And yet, we encourage a healthy balance – backed up by a generous amount of paid time off (PTO) for every employee.

Positive and Supportive Culture icon

You can expect a positive and supportive culture.

We want every employee to get the support they need to succeed. Detailed training programs, weekly company “huddles,” and department activities are all part of a supportive, transparent, and fun culture.

Flexibility icon

Flexibility to work as you want.

Do you want to work in a nice office? Would you prefer to work at home? Maybe some of both? We let you choose, and we provide the resources to make it easy.

Competitive Pay and Benefits icon

Competitive pay and benefits.

We have a thoughtful, deliberate process for determining fair pay and the right benefits. As a result, few companies our size offer a total package as generous as ours.

Build Career icon

A place to build your career.

Whether you are just starting or you are making a move on your career path, we want your experience at Walker to propel your career. We believe we’re more than a great place to work – we’re a great place to learn.

These are a few of the things you can expect if you are part of the Walker team. We believe if we get these right, everything else falls into place to make our organization a great place work.

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