Have you ever run a 5K race? In its simplest form, you put on running shoes, head to the start line, place one foot in front of the other, and go. At the end of the race, you check your time.

How well did you run? How much better can you get? Unless you won the race (not us!) there is no easy way to tell. You need more information combining personal performance details with the time it took to complete the race and how well others ran.

Tracking your time helps set benchmarks and determine personal bests but does little to win a race without knowing the times of everyone else.

The same is true when it comes to customer experience (CX). Built-to-last experience management programs identify the key metrics that provide the bigger picture needed for achieving well-defined business objectives. The metrics stem from finding, understanding, and applying appropriate data to make meaningful operational improvements. The metrics management process defines what success looks like by mastering the data to give teams a strategy for winning (race medal optional).

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Seize Opportunities To Deliver Value With Your CX Program

The job of a customer experience (CX) professional can be described as mastering the art of “sensing” and “seizing.” The sensing part of the equation is the gathering of information to gain a deeper understanding of the customer. Among other things, sensing reveals customers’ concerns, their needs, and where opportunities and risks lie within the customer relationship.

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Value Planning: The Connection Between CX Outcomes and Business Objectives

Launching any new initiative usually starts with three questions: Why are we doing this? Why is now the right time? What do we want to achieve? Consider a recent business project or a personal plan. Asking these questions defines the need, the urgency, and the end goal. The answers illustrate what is possible and why those opportunities are important right now.

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What is Employee Experience (EX) Management?

Customer experience and employee experience are inextricably linked. Every customer experience has an associated employee experience. World-class experiences don’t just happen. They need to be intentionally managed – crafted, executed, and refined over the long term.

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